Mystery A2212-6 2200KV Brushless Outrunner Motor

Mystery A2212-6 2200KV Brushless Outrunner        






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Mystery A2212-6 2200KV Brushless Outrunner motor for 300g-1000g 3D Flight


No   A2212-6

RPM/V      2200KV

No. Of cells        5-7Ni-MH/2-3Li-Po

Max. efficiency current      14 - 22 A (>72%)

NoLoad current / 10 V        1.4 A

Current capacity        28 A/ 60 s

Max. efficiency          0.75

Shaft diameter (mm) 3 mm

Weight with cables    47 g

Internal Resistance     45 mΩ

Dimensions(mm)       27.5x30

Recomended model weight :300-1000g

Recomended prop without gearbox   2xLi 7"x5",3xLi 5"x5",3xLi - heli

Remarks:   Ideal to work with our 20A ESC and 30A ESC For A2212/6 and A2212/10


• 47g Outrunner
• Kv: 2200, Rm: 0.045, io: 1.4A, Poles: 14
• Max watts: 240, Max amps: 28A for 60sec
• Shaft is 3.17mm
• Dimensions: 28mm x 30mm

These are really great little outrunners. We've tested this line and they work extremely well.

This motor is great for wings and foam pusher jets. Prop range is 4 x 4 to 6 x 4, 5x5 at 19 Amps